Hi! I'm Koen T'Sas.

About me

I'm a software engineer currently employed by RealDolmen. My interests are mostly located on the World Wide Web. REST Api's, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS, NancyFX, ASP.NET MVC, and more are the kind of stuff I like to play around with.

I'm currently deepening my knowledge about application design in general to make clean, clear and fresh user interfaces. I'm also trying out TypeScript to help me write clean, more robust JavaScript. I also try to write for my blog, but I regret it's more a backburner occupation right now.

[Awesome] Projects

I'm currently working on some kind of browser game. I'm not using any game engines because, well, it's a simple question answer game. Aside from that, I try to write a blog post now and then. Here are some projects I've done over the past years:


Definitely don't hesitate to contact me on any platform.


I am currently getting paid 8 hours a day doing my hobby, developing applications for other people/businesses. Aside from that, I try to squeeze in some time for my own development projects during evenings and weekends.

I also play futsal, which is football, but inside, mostly because it's too cold outside. You can also find me playing games, staring at my girlfriend, or watching the latest movies and series.